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Types of Social Networking Web sites 

Social networking has become a popular method to share information and pleased with others. Social Networking Sites will be the sites that host social media. For the people new to social websites, it's essential to understand what sorts of online communities you can find and what each does.
Forums. Probably among the first sites to allow for social interaction, forums have been around for quite a while. Forums are normally composed of people who have a similar interest. Users have conversations around a specific given topic and create up relationships together. They provide a lot of specifics of an interest which is the best way to share knowing about it.
Blogs. People want to journal, along with the internet they wished to share their lives more openly. Originally called web-logs, these personal journals have advanced. Some personal journals survive, while other blogs discuss a particular niche or interest.
Micro-Blogging. Much like blogs, it is a micro journal of what is happening right now. These websites can share what is going on in a individual life or may be information the average person wants to share. Major news events are now breaking online via microblogs. The most effective known microblog is Twitter.

PhotoSharing. Social media sites are famous for sharing of data, in cases like this photos. Users upload their pictures to Photo Sharing Sites. As opposed to needing to send individual pictures to family, you return one particular link. You are able to tag your photos with keywords in connection with the look and permit people to comment. Some popular photosharing sites are Flickr and Picasa.
Video Sharing. YouTube could be the video sharing site that just about everyone has seen. Videos are shared online, keywords are added so people can look for those terms or for it title. People can comment in the event the video owner allows. Like other forms of social websites it allows to get a more personal appearance of the actual user.
Professional. Networking has been touted just as one asset in professional circles. Networking enables the person for connecting with others and by those connections meet other professionals that person knows. Professional social websites provides for that sort of opportunity online. Thus if you move away from your own home town you can still remain connected to your ex-coworkers and others with your profession. Linked Was one of several top professional social network sites.
Social. Once you have worked with people quite some time, they could become your friends. Then you have friends from church, from the school, and friends you have met within a wide variety of ways. Social media sites have to do with being social, there are sites purely for allowing users to remain in touch with individuals whom they do know. While MySpace was the leader, the current leader is Facebook. It is growing around the world.
Bookmarking. The main purpose of these social media sites could be the sharing of info. If you read an internet page which is interesting, informative, or inspirational you may choose to bookmark it. As a result you happen to be stating that that suits you it. Your friends will be taught whatever you liked and can choose to read it. Pages a large number of people bookmark gained popularity and drive others to that page as well. Digg, Delicious, and StumpleUpon are incredibly popular bookmarking websites.
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